I'm a student majoring in gender studies and an amateur linguist working on creating languages, so most of my writings lie somewhere in-between those two poles. I used to do maths, but not so much anymore.

My senior thesis focuses on queer identities in digital spaces, and so a lot of my work at the present is focused on theorizing how things operate there. This page is aimed at giving you an overview of some of my more notable work and what it says, for those interested in reading more of what I have to say without reading everything that I have ever said.

I've never been satisfied with singular they as the be-all and end-all of nongendered pronoun solutions, so in The Pronoun Ve I've proposed my own set: ve/vem/vy/vyne. To my ears, the v sound is a little more natural than some others, like z, and the -y/-yne possessive formsthe latter spelled with a y to avoid confustion with (grape-)vine are pretty intuitive (see my/mine and thy/thine).